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UMMC comprises about 50 companies operating in various economic spheres and located in different corners of Russia. With the annual turnover of several billion US dollars UMMC is deemed to be one of the largest vertically-integrated companies in Russia.

The major assets of the Group are concentrated in the fields of mining, non-ferrous metallurgy and automotive industry. The basis of the Group is its complete copper production chain: from mining to finished goods (copper wire rod, rolled products, cables and conductors, radiators, etc.). In addition to copper market UMMC holds strong positions on the markets of zinc, lead, precious and rare-earth metals. UMMC-Holding controls the key assets of the Group.

At the present ferrous metallurgy, construction, development and agriculture became autonomous and effective commodity businesses within UMMC structure. As a result, establishment of sub-holdings within the Group is considered as an important path of corporate development. Thus, OOO “UMMC-Steel” was organized for effective management of ferrous assets and OOO “UMMC-Agro” was initiated to manage UMMC’s agricultural assets. OOO “UMMC-OCM” was set up to control assets of non-ferrous companies. Construction business is being developed through some subsidiaries.

The Group has worked out strategic development programs up to 2015 for metallurgical and semi-fabricating complexes and programs up to 2020 for mining complex. Modern production, advanced technologies, effective management and high-skilled labour, all in one facilitate the companies of UMMC to run smoothly their business raising competitiveness of the national

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