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The UMMC is a reliable supplier who fully and completely satisfies the obligations concerning the terms and scope of supply.

Providing a high level of delivery reliability and fulfillment of contractual terms we expect the same loyalty from our customers.

We work with customers from Russia, CIS countries and over 30 countries of the world.

In respect of every customer we follow certain rules:

  • flexible merchandising policy
  • close partnership relations
  • abidance by contractual terms
  • high quality of products
  • delivery reliability
  • possibility of long-term cooperation

If your company or enterprise is open for loyal and long-term partnership relations with the UMMC our company will observe the same principles towards yours.

If you are ready to enter the negotiations concerning purchasing of our products it is necessary to follow the established procedure. The detailed information on this procedure you may get from the following:

How to become our customer

To become a UMMC customer you need to follow a few of steps:

Step 1: In “Contacts” section you need to choose a suitable e-mail or phone number

Step 2: Get in touch with a sales manager of the product group you are interested in or write an e-mail where you express your wishes and requirements

Step 3: Receive an application form of a potential customer by e-mail, fill it out and send it back to the sales manager

Step 4: Receive a notification letter about registration of your company or enterprise as a potential customer

Step 5: Any electronic means of communication wouldn’t replace personal contact. If we clearly understand who is our customer then other issues can be settled during our negociations.

Step 6: Sign a purchasing contract

Step 7: Get prepared for signing a new contract or long-term agreement which can be beneficial for both parties.

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