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Procurement of goods, works, and services by the UMMC companies is, as a rule, performed subsequent to the Bidding. Only procurement of unique goods, works, and services, provided by the only supplier in the market, is an exemption. The bidding of the UMMC is organized in terms of openness, competitiveness, and impartiality. The Bidding of the UMMC is aimed at getting from the Applicants the most advantageous offers for supply of goods, works, and services.

Please be aware that the Bidding held by “UMMC-Holding” Corp. means an internal procedure of selecting a contractor, supplier, and executor, and shall not be considered as bidding in terms of requirements of Articles 447-449, 1057-1061 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Competition Law. Thus, the bidding procedure hereof does not impose on the Organizer or on the Customer any civil obligations, including any obligations to enter into a contract with preferred bidder or any other participant. Having submitted the documents and the information to the Organizer, the Applicant at once confirms its conformity with the assessment requirements of the Bidding, expresses its intention for participation in the Bidding, and agrees with the rules and terms of Bidding.

The procedure of Bidding
  1. The Organizer makes an Announcement of the Bidding
  2. The Applicants submit Applications for prequalification and participation in the Bidding
  3. Prequalification
  4. The Applicants (Bidders) present their Quotations for the Subject of Bidding
  5. Process of Bidding
  6. Determination of result of the Bidding

Templates and documents for downloading:
  1. Bidding rules
  2. Application for prequalification and participation in Bidding
  3. Applicant Questionnaire
  4. List of necessary documents (for Non-RF Residents)

Information on expected biddings and biddings in process are given in the following sections:
  1. Design works
  2. Construction
  3. Equipment
  4. Materials
  5. Other goods, works and services

Please forward your questions to the Bidding Department of “UMMC-Holding” Corp. at the address:

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