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Republic of Bashkortostan

Date of foundation – March,23 1919

Capital- Ufa

Area- 143.6 thousand square kilometers

Political subdivisions- 54 districts, 21 cities of republic subordination, 41 urban-types communities, 941 settlements.

Republic economy

Bashkortostan produces 3.6% of industrial production, 4.2% of rural production and carries out 3.3% of total investments. 3.7% of fixed assets of Russia are put into operation in this Republic. Bashkortostan takes the 6th place for industrial production and the 3d –for rural production, the 4th –for investments and contractor’s work and the 6th place for Gross Regional Product. There are 6064 industrial companies within 180 branches of industry. They are electrical, fuel, chemical and petrochemical industries and machine-building. Mining, woodworking, textile, food, leather industries as well as instrumentation industry (Ufa, Oktyabrskiy, Tuimazy) and automotive industry are also well developed. Machine-tool industry and pipe-laying machine production has been expanding in Sterlitamak, automotive industry – in Neftekamsk, logging machine building- in Uchaly and metallurgical industry-in Beloretsk.

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