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Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

Capital- Vladikavkaz

Area- 8 thousand square kilometers

Population – 670.3 thousand people (as to 2000)

Political subdivisions- 6 cities, 8 rural districts, 4 municipalities of Vladikavkaz

President – T.D.Mamsurov.

The Republic economy

About 75% of the Republic Gross Product refers to industry mostly heavy industry. The key industry is non-ferrous metallurgy. The leading enterprises are: “Electrozinc”, “Pobedit”, OZATE, “Electrokontaktor”, Beslan maize plant, furniture plant “Vladmebel-Kazbek”, glass works and electric bulb plant. Total 230 industrial enterprises are located in this Republic. The main industrial centres are Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Mozdok, Alagir. Lead, zinc and sulfur, glass containers, electric parts and technological equipment for instrumentation as well as polymers, electric bulbs, gas-stoves, hard metals, furniture, watches are produced in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania.

UMMC enterprises in the Republic of North Ossetia –Alania

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