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Sverdlovsk Region

Date of foundation – January, 17 1934

Regional capital- Ekaterinburg

Area- 195 000 square kilometers

Population – 4.7 million people

Political subdivisions- 30 political districts, 44 cities and 96 urban-type communities

Awards- two Orders of Lenin

Region economy

Sverdlovsk region is the second one in Russia as to industrial output. Many industrial plants such as NTMK, Kachkanar GOK “Vanadiy”, VSMPO, Uralmash, Bogoslovsk aluminum plant and the Ural Aluminum Plant are located in this region. Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgies (industrial output being 31% and 19% correspondently) and iron ore and uranium concentration as well as machine building are the most prevailing industries.

Mining industry presents a low profile at the moment though bauxite mining as well as asbestos, iron ore, vanadium, copper and semiprecious stones mining is of great importance in Russia.

Heavy military industry (armoured units and ammunitions production) and particular heavy machine building industry (equipment for mining, power and chemical industry) predominate within machine –building complex.

Sverdlovsk region is the great all-Russian traffic center. National highway, air route and railways including Trans-Siberian Railroad go through this area. Traffic density exceeds average national indices.

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