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1702 Gumeshevskoe cuprous clay deposit was struck in the Ural.

1724 Polevskoy copper smelter was put into operation (currently being Cryolite Plant).

1867 Pyshminsko-Kluchevskoy copper electrolyte plant was constructed. Russia becomes the largest copper producer (25% of worldwide production).

August, 1934 First copper was produced at Pyshminsky copper electrolyte plant OAO Uralelectromed, UMMC head company in future.

1975 Uralelectromed combine was established on the basis of Pyshminsky copper electrolyte plant.

1992 The combine was reorganized into joint stock company (AO) Uralelectromed.

1996-1999 Technological and manufacturing chain of Ural copper producers is gradually built around AO Uralelectromed on market basis which embraces new industrial regions and sectors in the course of time. Consolidation of future holding assets began. Nowadays the holding comprises about 30 enterprises located in 10 regions.

June, 1999 Formation and implementation of main concepts of UMMC corporate development.

October, 1999 Constituent documents for UMMC foundation were signed. OAO UMMC was granted with the State registration certificate.

July,1 2002 UMMC-Holding corporation was created as managing company.

August 2002. A permission of Anti-Monopoly Policy Ministry for consolidation of assets of 11 major operations was got. Since that moment a principle of top-down management structure has been realizing. At key UMMCs companies where consolidation of equity capital is determined by qualified majority, general shareholders meetings are held to authorize parent company OOO UMMC-Holding as sole executive body.

Late 2003. Incorporation of Electrozinc (Vladikavkaz) in UMMC significantly strengthened the Company position in zinc and copper market. UMMC became a polymetallic holding.

2003-2008. The period showed further business diversification and company development. Ferrous metallurgy, construction industry and agriculture were separated into autonomous businesses within UMMC-Holding structure. To control these assets two management companies were established, namely UMMC-Steel and UMMC-Agro.

May 2007 OOO UMMC-OCM was created as the Managing Company for semi-fabricating sector of the Group.

2009 Management and business concept of UMMC development has been adopted for new economic environment.

2010-2011 the Company actually restored the production per all key products that was before global financial crisis and resumed investment projects.

February 29th, 2012 Start-up of the first phase of the new tank house at the JSC Uralelektromed. July 24-th, 2013 Cold commission- ing of a greenfield project Tyumen Minimill that is the first metallurgical production in the Tumenskaya oblast. September 3-rd, 2013 Founda- tion of UMMC Technical University to be the base for Company employees training in compliance with the require- ments of advanced production sites and corporate standards.

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