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Vision and Strategy
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Vision and Strategy

UMMC Mission is to increase competitiveness of the Russian industry as a whole by efficient work of its operations and to improve all aspects of people life by carrying out social programs.

  • UMMC is national industrial company with many activities.
  • UMMC acts in the interests of Russia as a responsible state partner.
  • UMMC is production, technological and innovative leader in its production sector of Russian economy.
  • UMMC guarantees high quality of its products.
  • UMMC provides maximum financial efficiency of its activity.
  • UMMC is a reliable partner and client.
  • UMMC always stands for its shareholders interests.
  • UMMC is a company attractive to investors.
  • UMMC has a transparent business structure and works for maximum compliance with international standards of financial activity.
  • UMMC is a company with developed corporative structure.
  • UMMC shows corporate social responsibility by


deducting taxes in billions rubles;

considering environmental issues to be of high priority;

providing employment of tens of thousands people;

ensuring for its employees fair wages and salaries and opportunity to use their creativity;

providing its employees with maximum social protection;

solving educational issues;

active participation in solving social issues of the regions where UMMC’s operations are located.

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