In modern economy the companies indicating flexibility, dynamics and high potential of development occupy dominating positions. Vertical structure ensures perfect manageability, and accumulation of considerable resources in the parent company, and enables to evolve the most promising projects quickly and efficiently. UMMC has embodied idea of corporate development in the metallurgy resulting in costs reduction in some operations and, therefore, raising product competitiveness.

Vertically integrated structure and high concentration of managing, economical and financial resources within the company allow efficient and fair distribution of investments among all activities strengthening UMMC’s position in both domestic and global markets as well as its product competitiveness.

UMMC unites operations of mining, metallurgical and metal-working industry located in Russia into one technological chain.

Consolidation of operations of various industries allows UMMC to unite and coordinate activities beginning from ore mining to manufacturing of a wide range of value-added products.

The UMMC business commodities can be singled out in the following groups:

  • Copper cathodes
  • Non-ferrous products: copper wire-rod, copper wire, copper electrolytic powder, powder articles, rolled products.
  • Precious metals: gold bars, silver bars, PGM concentrate
  • Chemicals: sulfuric acid, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate
  • Metals: lead ingots, zinc ingots, technical selenium, technical tellurium, aluminum based alloys, lead based alloys, bronze, brass, zinc oxide
  • Automotive products: radiators, heaters, lifting jacks
  • Electrical engineering products: cables, wires, cords
  • Ferrous products: rolled steel, gauged steel
  • Construction industry products: brick, crushed stone, ceramic tile

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