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Production and Investments

Key production and economic activities of the UMMC are as follows:
  • mining and processing of copper raw materials and production of copper cathodes;
  • output of value-added products from copper and other non-ferrous metals: copper wire rod, cables, copper powders, copper powder products, non-ferrous rolled products, radiators, etc.;
  • recovery of co-metals: production of gold and silver bank quality bars, selenium and tellurium;
  • production of chemicals: sulfuric acid, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, xanthogenate;
  • mining and processing of zinc raw materials, production of zinc and zinc-based products;
  • galvanizing of metal structures;
  • processing of secondary lead-containing raw materials, production of lead and lead alloys;
  • mining of iron ore and production of iron ore concentrate; manufacturing of rolled steel and gauged steel;
  • manufacturing of construction products: brick, crushed stone, etc.;
  • projects on construction of residential, commercial and office buildings;
  • production of agricultural goods;

Strategy of UMMC development stands for:

  • elolvement of feedstock base;
  • further increase of the share of copper value-added products in the commodities structure: copper wire rod, non-ferrous rolled products, copper powder and powder articles, cables and conductors, copper-brass radiators, etc.;
  • reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprisesЎ¦ fixed assets in order to create up-to-date process lines corresponding to the world technological progress and large-scale renovation of the whole production cycle providing process efficiency growth, power savings and ecological safety;
  • increase of raw material processing complexity, implementation and upgrading of recycling technology for man-caused wastes;
  • development of polymetal sphere due to growth in zinc and lead production; ѓ{ evolvement of ferrous metallurgy;


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