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MS ISO 9001:2000

Why we need certification for MS ISO 9001:2000?

One of the condition for the most successful integration of Russian industrial companies to the world economy is reorganization of their management structure in accordance with international standards of quality control ISO 9000. The enterprises looking for foreign investments or customers shall invent certified quality control system. Moreover under the RF Government regulation # 113 of 02.02.1998 compliance with ISO 9000 is compulsory term to obtain government contractual work.

The most prosperous is development of quality control certification at the manufactures.

Certificate of quality control:
  • confirms that the manufacture has all possibilities to meet customers demands and is able to provide for steady quality of products;
  • is an instrument to form public opinion about the company’s status in the market and secure stock of orders;
  • serves as a guarantee for the investing companies to contribute their funds into the development of production facilities and processes;
  • affirms insurance companies to conclude Insurance contract with the manufacture;
  • can be used as a ground for legal defense in case of any claim from the customer.
This field of certification is getting popular in the global market since there was developed the complex of requirements to the quality control systems, which finally turned in to the International standard of ISO 9000. Now these standards are approved almost by all countries. Local version of GOST R 9000 acts within Russia.

European market dictates its own rules in the certification; therefore lately an appraisal of quality systems is determined as compulsory term of certification.

What is quality system?

Quality system developed under the Standard MS ISO 9001 – is a set of documents applied as a guide in production activity, which covers policy in respect of the quality control, manual in quality control, instructions on methods and operations (protocols, reports, explanations, etc.). The set of documents hereof contents description of the most typical business-processes related to the quality of goods and services. Development of quality control documents is necessary, but stands for not only condition to obtain a certificate under the Standard ISO 9000. In opinion of first class international auditors the most significant aspect, while the Company preparing to the certification, is to apply quality control system and provide its function during 3 months. Effective motivation and training are important for corporative quality control system. Only in case the management of the Company clearly understands subject, goals, methods and practice of quality control system, they will be able to reach an objective.

Certification procedure

Quality control application is impossible without IT structure (instrumentation, communication lines, etc) and team of qualified people aware of quality systems and sophisticated IT.

To applied for Quality Control Certificate it is necessary to explain basic activity in accordance with key sections of the Standard of ISO 9000. However it is not enough. Wide-scale application of quality control system implies particular function of all business-processes of the factory as per developed instructions. It is obvious that invention of the corporate programmable technologies and establishment of the documents are complementary parts of the sole aim, which is certification under ISO 9000. Originally factory’s structure, accounting system, level of automation must be analyzed, and on its ground there will be formed optimized decision.

System should cover all necessary forms of book-keeping as traditional as specific for this branch of industry or particular factory. In addition statistic forms and presentation graphics facilitating to search tends of factory development are to be set.

Basic principle of quality control system is continuous improvement. The Company’s personnel have to analyze business-processes, fix drawbacks, and put amendments into existing procedures and company’s policy. It is possible only while employees training and retraining under ISO 9000 accomplishing with experimental application of Quality Control System and internal audit.

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