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MS ISO 14001:2004

Environmental management (MS ISO 14001)

Environmental management is a modern mechanism of environmental monitoring adopted by global world and applied by the majority of industrial entities for over decade. Systematic mode and complex of managerial decisions, procedures, documentation underlies its ground.

In the international market environmental management is determined as a guarantee of dynamic development, that was highlighted at the Agenda for 21 century affirmed in Rio-de-Janeiro in 1992 and being the guide for up-to-date government strategy in the ecology and steady evolution of the most of the countries. This document says that environmental management must be regarded as the key dominant of stable development and top priority in industrial activity and entrepreneurship.

In early 90-s foreign oil companies launched environmental management in order to improve ecologic indices and announce to publicity about environmental risks in their activity. To overspread successful experience acquired by the majority of the companies in the field of environmental management, in 1996 International Standard Organization issued international standard ISO 14001 contented requirements to environmental management system. Certificate ISO 14001 has become compulsory for approval environmental management at the factory to be complied with international standards.

Environmental management System (EMS) is a part of the whole management system having a structure, elements, mechanisms, procedures and resources being levers in the monitoring of ecologic aspects in respect of its activity by means of development and achievement of environmental goals, their reconsideration and adjustment.

Environmental management system includes 6 interrelated elements:

  • ecologic policy
  • nature-conservative planning under the approved ecologic policy
  • activity to be organized in EMS
  • internal audit and activity adjustment
  • results analysis and EMS review
  • presentation of achieved results in EMS and its consequent improvement

In order to apply EMS enterprises have to mobilize their efforts and contribute particular funds, but finally when they have accomplished to build EMS and reached effective functioning of EMS managers are able to get following merits:

  • guarantee that the entity has certain obligations regarding to monitoring of ES
  • they satisfy investors demands and increase access to the financial funds
  • reasonable prices for insurance
  • high reputation
  • compliance with certificate criteria of customers
  • reduction of costs, saving of power and resources consumption
  • saving of funds
  • reliable partner connections
  • assistance in licenses and certificates to be granted

Frankly speaking an entity has to go long way from EMS application to effective EMS work.

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