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22.12.14 | UMMC has started underground development at Safyanovskoye deposit

Rezh (Sverdlovskaya oblast)

Shortly before the first startup facilities have been commissioned at the JSC Safyanovskaya Med with receiving the first ore at the underground mine. Construction of the mine was commenced by UMMC in a year of 2010. By the end of the year of 2014 its expected that it would be mined about 20 ths. tons of ore. In 2015 the extraction is likely to reach 140 ths. tons of copper ore. Its scheduled that the new facilities will run at the full design capacity of 500 ths. tpy in a year of 2017.
Mining from the deep layers of Safyanovskoye deposit is assumed to be ongoing at least for twenty five years; the reserves are estimated of approximately 11 mln. tons. Starting from 2010 UMMC has invested about 3 bln. rubles into the project. According to Igor Tsvetkov, Director of JSC Safyanovskaya Med, - an active phase of underground mine construction will last for five years, which is short enough period for such kind of works.

- Its very important to perform construction at Companys own expense without attraction of external funds. In fact we have organized absolutely new production, - Igor Tsvetkov mentioned. The first startup facilities stand for an underground mine complex with total length of over 14 km allowing to reach the deepest horizons of the deposit. All underground drifts are equipped with appropriate infrastructure facilities: roads, power supply, water supply and discharge, compressed air supply system etc. For their maintenance and service the on-surface complex has been constructed either.

The highly-effective foreign mobile equipment, such as drilling rigs Sandvik and Boomer, load-haul dump machines and dump trucks AtlasCopco and MoAZ will be used for mining works. The first stope was commissioned with making the first lot of ore there in December of 2014.
As a reminder the project of deep layers development at the Safyanovskoye deposit supposes using an advanced scheme of ore reserves opening with a motor-transport slope, blow ventilation shaft and upcast air shaft. Ore cutting is going to be done by a sublevel stope mining method.

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