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15.01.15 | Minister of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic visited UMMC’s aircraft company

Kunovice (Czech Republic)

The other day Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek visited UMMC’s aircraft maker, Aircraft Industries.

During the meeting held within the frame of the governmental support of the aviation industry the parties discussed the potential assistance from the ministry side.

"Aviation industry is one of the priorities of the Czech Government. Industry restructuring of 1989 made a considerable impact on the aircraft industry resulting in cuts in total personnel number. We are glad that the situation has changed dramatically recently", said Jan Mládek. The Minister stated that advanced technical level of Aircraft Industries and other aircraft manufacturers proved huge potential of aviation industry of the Czech Republic which products could be successfully sold on the international market. The Minister promised that the government would endeavor to support domestic producer to strengthen its position on the international market.

General Director of Aircraft Industries Ilona Plshkova presented the operational results of the company for the year 2014 and its targets for the year 2015: «Last year we manufactured 16 units. In 2015 we expect to produce 18 aircrafts. We ‘ll need at least 77 new employees whereas currently the company employs about 1,000 people». She emphasized the importance of hiring qualified personnel to fulfill complicated work in the aircraft industry and that the plant in Kunovice faced the difficulties to find skilled and experienced professionals. Jan Mládek also stated that the government of the Czech Republic had been considering the options of support among which was professional training of the employees abroad.

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