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20.01.15 | CC «Kuzbassrazrezugol» commissioned the sixth beneficiation factory

Kaltan (Kemerovo region)

CC «Kuzbassrazrezugol» (a company of UMMC’s raw material complex) started the year of 2015 by commissioning the advanced beneficiation factory Kaltanskaya-Energeticheskaya.

It is the first and the only beneficiation factory of the coal company designed for processing of coal of grade T (lean coal for power plants and technical purpose). The solemn ceremony of putting the factory into operation held at Kaltansky coal deposit was attended by Aman Tuleev, the Governor of Kemerovo region, Andrey Kozitsyn, General Director of UMMC-Holding, Igor Moskalenko, Director of JSC CC «Kuzbassrazrezugol» and other guests of honour.

- Global financial crisis and economic sanctions turned into opportunities for real professionals acting in favour of Russia who knows what and how to do: where to find reserves, how to enhance competitiveness of the domestic economy, how to develop export potential of the country, - Aman Tuleev emphasized and thanked the top management of UMMC-Holding Corp. and KRU for “state and responsible approach and the proper strategic decisions”.

According to Governor of Kemerovo region the project of the beneficiation factory meets the formula “coal mining for next generations” as it employs the most modern equipment, is developed in details on technological and engineering level and has a long operation life. Besides, it completely serves the strategic target to process and beneficiate over 90% of the total coal mined in Kuzbass within two years. Construction of “Kaltanskaya-Energeticheskaya” became the main investment project of Kuzbassrazrezugol in the previous year and a major step on implementation of a large-scaled program on further expansion of processing facilities including construction of three more concentrators by 2018. During 2014, not only the beneficiation factory was built at Kaltansky open-pit mine, but the whole infrastructure was created to maintain its functioning: a boiler house with waste treatment facilities, building of engineering laboratory, Ryabinovaya substation with a power transmission line, phase 3 of Black Kaltan station, concentrate loading and rail car terminal at the second track. Total investment including the cost of borrowed funds has reached almost 4 bln. Rubles.

- Here we will mine coal of export quality that will allow the coal company to reach a new level of economy, - Andrey Kozitsyn, General Director of UMMC noted. – It was supposed that the pay-back period of the funds invested in construction will be about five years, but because of devaluation of Ruble and export potential of the new beneficiation factory, this period can be shortened to four years.

Production capacity of the new beneficiation factory is rated for annual processing of 3 mln. t of power coal grades with further production of high-grade concentrate of TOMSSH and TPK coal grades. Marketable output will amount to 2.6 mln.t per year. As early as this year it is planned to have 1.5 mln. t of coal processed at the new beneficiation factory. In 2016, the concentrator will reach the design capacity. The company will supply produced concentrate of TOMSSH grade that makes the bulk of output to the foreign market, that is, European countries, Japan and Korea. TPK concentrate is intended for Russian customers.

The process of the new beneficiation factory is fully automated. There are automatic modes for maintaining the density of magnetite suspension, the recording of run-of-mine coal and washed products is realized using belt scales, moisture and ash on-line meters provide efficient control of the output quality. The most up-to-date environmental requirements were taken into account when designing the plant. One part of the rock produced as the result of dressing will be placed together with overburden from the main coal mining production and the rest will be sent for mining reclamation, i.e. backfill. This will make it possible to refuse using of new land for disposal of industrial waste.

Startup of the new beneficiation factory will allow creating of about 240 workplaces after it will reach full design capacity and this will enhance social climate in Kaltan town and the nearest inhabited localities. It should be mentioned that today, there are 5 beneficiation factories operating at Kuzbassrazrezugol with total capacity of 17 mln. t of coal per year located at Kedrovsky, Bachatsky and Krasnobrodsky open-pit coal mines, as well as 10 seasonal beneficiation plants and 20 coal processing and loading facilities. In the last 5 years the company has increased the volume of coal processing from 71 to 89% of total output and it is planned to bring it up to maximum. In 2015, UK Kuzbassrazrezugol targets to mine 45 mln. t of coal. The volume of investments for this year is estimated at 6.5 bln. Rubles and 3.5 bln. of them will be channeled towards renewal of large dump trucks – it is planned to purchase 82 units of BelAZ equipment in total.

Moreover, in May the company is going to commence construction of a new Taldinskaya-Energeticheskaya beneficiation factories. Also, this day an agreement on social and economic partnership for 2015 was signed between Administration of Kemerovskaya oblast and JSC UK Kuzbassrazrezugol, it is a traditional document setting out the main lines of the parties’ cooperation in addressing vital social issues of regional development.

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