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23.01.15 | JSC «CC «Kuzbassrazrezugol» estimated their results for 2014 Kemerovo


Almost 43.5 mln. t of coal was mined in the previous year by Kuzbassrazrezugol plants (also coking coal grades – over 5.3 mln. t) and overburden reached 331.2 mln. m3. Mine workers successfully coped with the task for the year, having produced a small expected excess of 0.4 % for mining and 2.8% for stripping.

These major performance indicators remained almost at the level of 2013. From January to December, 2014 42 mln. t of coal was shipped to customers (+ 0.5 mln. t to the plan and 1.3 mln. t more than in 2013). Due to tough situation in the industry, the Company kept implementing the strategy of export growth. As a result, 30.2 mln. t of coal was shipped to customers, and compared to 2013, the increase made up 4.4 mln.t (or 17%). The volume of supply to domestic market reduced from 14.9 to 11.8 mln. t. Coal processing volume at year-end reached 89% of the mined output. In total, coal company facilities processed 38.7 mln. t of coal for the year, that is almost 2.5 mln. t more than in 2013.

This year UK Kuzbassrazrezugol plans to maintain current development strategy aimed at enhancing of quality and competitive ability of the products and increasing of export share in the total coal supply volume. It is targeted to preserve the main performance indicators of the Company almost at the level of the previous year with a minor (about 2%) increase of the output – up to 44.3 mln. t of coal.

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