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11.02.15 | «Kuzbasrazrezugol» purchased the second Russian giant excavator


At Krasnobrodsky open pit, coal-mining company Kuzbasrazrezugol (UMMC raw material manufacturing company) the second excavator EKG-32P was put into operation after a 7 month test period.

At the moment it is the second giant excavator produced in Russia. The first pilot model of a new Russian mining machine line was also delivered to Krasnobrodsky open pit in 2011. The mining company has allocated about 500 billion Rubles to acquire a new machine. The machine operating weight is 1,030 tons and daily capacity is about 25 ths. m3. Excavator EKG-32P has an AC drive, which is comparing to those equipped with DC drive, more convenient because it minimizes maintenance of electric machines.

“Excavator EKG-32P No.2 was designed to create safe operating and maximum comfort: the machine is equipped with video system for blind areas and smart diagnostic system, which conveys main operating characteristics on the display in the operator cab. The cab has automatic climate control and noise insulation. Amenities include microwave oven, refrigerator and bio-toilet. The operator’s seat is mounted on pneumatic pads which also makes it more comfortable”, - said Yury Zhuravlev, chief maintenance manager of “Krasnobrodsky open pit” branch.

The main difference between the machines No.2 and No.1 is enlarged bucket capacity from 32 m3 to 35 m3. Moreover the machine has some engineering modifications: reinforced bucket bottom, renovated drive wheels and crawler tracks, used LED-based lighting, etc. Performance of domestic giant excavator is comparable to foreign equivalents, but has a significantly better price. Its warranty period is five years, maintenance servicemen are ready to deliver and substitute any necessary part in almost few hours.

Today 271 foreign and domestic excavators operate on open pits of the company. Many models were tested on the fields of Kuzbassrazrezugol.

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