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18.02.15 | New vacuum drier in chemical and metallurgical plant of Uralelektromed decreased energy consumption

UMMC: Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovskaya oblast)

A new vacuum drier was put into operation in the chemical and metallurgical plant of Uralelektromed (UMMC metallurgical company).

It is used for drying slime which is produced in electrolysis plant. Slime drying is one of the most important technological stages during production of silver-gold alloy. According to the experts, before feeding the slime to reverberatory furnace, it is very important to remove exceeding moisture from it and dry it up to the appropriate level 5–7%, it will further allow to avoid operating costs.

– During operating the furnace we have achieved the key results – output of well mixes slime with appropriate moisture contents, – says Dmitry Fineyev, workshop manager – Earlier we dried slime in electric furnaces, it was very time consuming and manual work demanding.

Drying process contains the following stages. Press-filter slime is unloaded to containers, then it is transferred to the vacuum drier. First vacuum atmosphere is created, and then moisture is evaporated by heating. The operation continues for two or three hours. Further, the dried slime is discharged to specific containers (kibbles) to feed it to reverberatory furnace.

As experts say, it will take some time to evaluate the effectiveness of the new drier, but its advantages over its electric equivalents are already obvious. The new drier has allowed to improve energy efficiency and advanced slime pretreatment process in about 2.5 times. Moreover, automatic control system has almost eliminated manual work.

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