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27.02.15 | In 2015 UMMC to invest in Gaisky GOK about 2.9 billions of rubles

Gai (Orenburgskaya oblast)

In 2015, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company is investing in Gaisky GOK (UMMC mining company) about 2.9 bln. of Rubles.

Commitment to the major construction works will comprise half of the whole investment sum. The priority is given to the installations used for ore mining and ore treatment to complete the production plan. The greatest investment of over 700 million rubles will be committed to facilities expansion at underground mine of the factory. The construction works will take place at all shafts of the mine, including “Novaya” shaft. Final construction works are planned for a step-down transformer substation GPP-4, an on-ground object responsible for energy supply of the mine. It is planned to be put into operation in the first half of 2015. Part of investment is committed to renovation of driver control system of the major mine fan unit “Severnaya Ventilyatsionnaya”.

According to Yury Dolmatov, Chief Maintenance Manager of Gaisky GOK , this year 113 million rubles are being directed to renovation of concentrator, in particular of flotation part of the flow. Today maintenance staff dismantles old flotation equipment and construction workers makes foundation for new equipment. Power supply for new flotation tanks will be completed by workers from the power plant of GOK. Investments are also stipulated for Dombarovskaya nad Kvarkenskaya open-pit mine sites, including “Letneye”, “Levoberezhnoye”, “Yuzhno-Kirovskoye” deposits.

Stripping works at “Osenneye” deposit will receive 193 million rubles financing. Moreover, most of GOK’s auxiliary facilities are also expected to be reconstructed to improve plant amenities and solve certain production tasks. In 2015 Gaisky GOK is planning to mine from underground mines and open-pit mines about 9. 1 million tons of ore.

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