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Since the time long-standing companies merged to form UMMC, it has been focusing on esseSince the time long-standing companies merged to form UMMC, it has been focusing on essential fundamental principles, which have facilitated to turn UMMC into one of the major metallurgical companies in Russia.
  • People. The uppermost value of the company stands for its people. UMMC is proud of each person and get used to providing care for all the employees.
  • Ecology. We live and work in one of the most beautiful regions of our Motherland, therefore our duty is to keep Nature for future generations.
  • Spirituality. UMMC has taken spirit rise in the Urals, the region being rich with spiritual traditions of many neighboring confessions. We appreciate all the confessional streams without priorities.
  • Reliability. We are faithful to our business partners, and pleased to rely on them.
  • Reputation. Our company acquired a high reputation at the market due to its technical and financial indices, its concern for society, ecologically-friendly business and tight relations with business partners. We make every effort our name commands respect and ranked on a par with leading Russian Companies.
  • Qualification. We think knowledge and experience as a basis to excellence in modern competitive environment. Behind UMMC there is skilled personnel who develops the company into a world leader.
  • Efficiency. We emphasize an increase of business effectiveness reflecting enhance of shareholder’s value.
  • Trust. UMMC proves to offer trust-oriented relationship to our business partners, investors and customers. Today we are able to state Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company has earned reputation of a reliable company.
  • Effective management. Young, experienced and vigorous leaders of our company rank among the best Russian managers, whereas UMMC is one of 20 major companies in the country that undoubtedly speaks for qualified and effective management.
  • Partners. We are grateful to our partners for trust, loyalty and cooperation.
  • Leadership. It is not just mere word for us. UMMC is an approved leader in a metal sector with a strong high-tech offering, which introduces the most sophisticated scientific developments to increase the amount of value-added production, thus to strengthen reliability and safety.
  • Teamwork. With its vertically integrated structure and years of operation UMMC has proved that only production and commercial relations within one holding make it possible for enterprises being in trouble not only to survive but to be developed as well. Common touch and awareness of tight-knit team support lagging activities.
  • Business Development. UMMC never rests on its laurels; it constantly develops its enterprises, promotes new members in its structure and diversifies the business meanwhile.

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