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Charity UMMC provides extensive charitable support of people in the following spheres:

Medical Care

Construction and renewal of hospitals, clinics, maternity hospitals, purchasing of medical equipment, financial help to the preventive and recreation healthcare centers.


Financing of the sport clubs, teams and prospective athletes as well as organization of different sport competitions.

Culture and Art

Sponsorship of art and folk teams and variety of public cultural projects.

Assistance to municipal government

Roads repair, landscaping, public utilities construction, etc.

Corporate assistance to educational institutions and orphan asylums

Sponsorship of Ural State Polytechnic University and Ural Mining Academy, financing of orphan asylum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, etc.

Charitable programs for children

Charitable programs to support children sport and oeuvre, talented kids, disabled and orphan children that are executed by the Charity Fund Children of Russia (where A.A. Kozitsyn is a President). Among the list of projects there is an Annual interregional festival of young hopefuls Diamond pattern, International junior sailing regatta Children of Russia with UMMCs prizes and awards, Mercy, They Need You, Healthy Child actions, child futsal tournament, Leather ball junior football tournament and Festival of animation cartoons Sundog.

    Veteran program

    The Group takes care about veterans, i.e. giving them benefits, acquiring vouchers to the health resorts and maintaining the Veteran Committee. Annually as for the memory of Victory Day the Group does the best to make veterans meet together and feel happy at such events, as opening of memorial in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Still young festival and granting them treasured gifts and cash bonuses.

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