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UMMC is one of the major vertically integrated companies in Russia that embraces about 50 enterprises of mining, metallurgical and fabricating complexes, automotive, cable and construction industries and agriculture. The primary concern of the Group is attributed to the observance of environmental safety at all production stages: from mining and mineral processing to value-added fabrication. Every year all the operations of UMMC adopt environmental programs including implementation of environmentally friendly and resources-saving technologies and installation of up-to-date treatment facilities.

Each operation site has its own environmental service (department) that supervises production activity in compliance with the environmental regulations and communicates with regulatory authorities.

The environmental department is responsible for the following key functions: 

  • Planning (to draft, justify and fix a time-frames for environmental activity);
  • Organizational and technical activities (to participate in reckoning maximum permissible concentration standards on emissions, pollutions and wastes and limits for wastes disposal; and issue other documents on environmental safety, etc.);
  • Monitoring (to identify actual parameters of emissions, pollutions and wastes to compare with standards; implementation and actual efficiency of the planned activities, estimation of emission and pollution levels, efficiency of treatment facilities, etc.)
  • Recording (to record industrial emissions, pollutions and wastes);
  • Reports (to deliver forms of statistical control “2TP-air”, “2TP-water ”, “2TP-wastes”)

Environmental activity of the operations within the Group is regulated by the Environmental Safety Department of UMMC-Holding that develops and pursues single environmental policy and undertakes:

  • environmental supervision of projects (working-out of project sections “Environmental protection” and “Assessment of Environmental Impact”);
  • reckoning of maximum permissible concentration standards for the Group’s companies (MPC standards on emissions, pollutions and wastes location);
  • issuance of certificates for hazardous wastes and determination of the wastes hazard class;
  • design of environmental monitoring programs for the operations and wastes dumps;
  • ecological audit of the operations and production facilities managed by the Group;
  • elaboration of guidelines to bring the operations’ activities in line with applicable environmental regulations;
  • elaboration of comprehensive ecological programs of the operations development.

UMMC-Holding declares responsibility for the product quality, environmental and occupational safety; and ensures internal monitoring of production processes and products quality, and health and environmental conditions of the company’s facilities.

UMMC-Holding plans step-by-step implementation of International Standard of Environmental Management ISO 14001 at every enterprise of the Group.

This indicates dynamic penetration of environmental management principles to the all production processes of the Group to minimize impact on environment.

Implementation of management systems contributes to continuous improvement of the Group operation. It makes possible to systemize inner work, optimize and interconnect majority of in-house processes and precisely point out areas of responsibility by means of the ISO tools. In the long run the positive outcome is encouraged with financial data. It means more predictable policy of the company, stability and favourable conditions for further investments. The up-to-date management systems provide the company’s transparency that is a valid factor in relations with foreign investors.

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