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Monitoring of Industrial Impact on Environment
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Monitoring of Industrial Impact on Environment

Environmental laboratories of the UMMC’s operations hold environmental monitoring of production (including sanitary and hygienic one) and study of environment.

Environmental monitoring covers:

  • observance of maximum permissible concentration standards and temporary agreed emissions;
  • emissions to determine efficiency of off-gas treatment facilities;
  • quality of ambient air at production sites, at the end of buffer zones of enterprises, in residential areas;
  • quality of portable water supplied from underground water in-take points;
  • quality of underground water within waste dumps, tailing dumps, production wastes landfills, as well as quality of surface water hydraulically connected with them;
  • quality of effluent water and surface water reservoir;
  • air quality in the working area;
  • soil quality;
  • metering of physical parameters of production environment and facilities (microclimate, noise, vibration, lightness, electromagnetic radiation, etc.)

The following facilities are under control: stationary and mobile emission points; surface water pollution points; off-gas treatment plants; water treatment facilities; waste temporary storage areas; permanent waste disposal and neutralization facilities; surface and underground water supply; environment in the area of anthropogenic impact: atmosphere, rivers and soils.

Control measures are taken in compliance with an annual monitoring schedule adopted for each activity by the operation’s management and agreed with oversight bodies. The operations regularly submit statistic reports on environmental activity.

Environmental laboratories of the operations are certified or accredited by Gosstandard of Russia.

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