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Industrial Buffer Zones

UMMC’s enterprises form company-towns in a number of districts of Sverdlovsk oblast, Orenburg oblast and other subjects of the Russian Federation.

The Company takes measures on health rehabilitation of the population inhabiting environmentally unfavorable areas.

Rehabilitation activity includes multi-environmental weighting of chemical risk for human health, screening diagnosis and bio-monitoring of toxic substances in biological environment for population attributed to risk group; preventive health care (including bio preventive health care), clinic and laboratory diagnosis and treatment of environmental diseases, first of all children illnesses.

The above measures are carried out in the environmentally unfavorable areas including the cities where the Group’s enterprises are located.

Dynamic and continuous Environmental Management System within the UMMC allows to promote and to implement environmental measures injecting rising investments, to expand the Group’s production facilities, and to enlarge assortment of the products without increasing anthropogenic impact.
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