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Over 60 thousand people are employed by UMMC, the majority works at mines and metallurgical operations. People are pride and main worth of the Group and it does its utmost to let people feel its care.

Development of human resources is economically, socially and politically important for the Company. Personnel mean labor, intellectual and creative potential of the Group, who directly influence production efficiency.

About 40% of the employees graduated from higher schools and colleges. An average age of the employees is 40.3 and the amount of employees under 35 exceeds one third.

UMMC target

The target of the program

Enlarge UMMC’s competitiveness and market value as a whole Bring to the business and production developable professionals having high level of corporate behavior

UMMC strategy

Strategic task of the program

Stable onward development within both Russian and international business Effectiveness of labour, production and management due to the programs for production extension and a program “Development of UMMC’s personnel up to 2005”

UMMC main policy

Principle areas covered by the program

Dynamic buildup of the Group’s economic efficiency by means of rational use of all resources including labor force
  • Increase in productivity

  • Improvement of qualitative, motivational and market features of personnel

  • Strengthening of social and employment relations

  • Effective personnel management
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