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Personnel development

Training purposes and objectives oriented on production requirements
Management training Specialists training Training of employees of scarce jobs
  • Business-school

  • Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Management consultation

  • Project-target trainings

  • Probation as a manager alternate

  • Training under presidential program
  • School (vocational guidance)

  • Higher education

  • Introduction practical training at a definite plant after the first year of education

  • Process practical training at a definite plant after two years of education

  • Production practical training at a definite plant after three years of education

  • Advanced production practical training at a definite plant after four years of education

  • Pre-diploma practical training and probation at a definite plant (minimum for 5 months) during the fifth year of education

  • Magistracy

  • Postgraduate course

  • Participation in scientific and practical conferences held by the Company
  • In primary and secondary vocational schools of the cities where UMMC companies are located

  • In licensed educational centers of UMMC enterprises having appropriate material and technical basis for professional training for scarce jobs

Company-oriented competent manager:

  • Professional and business competence;

  • Managerial culture and proficiency;

  • Experience in business activity;

  • Corporativity;

  • Innovation ability, innovative management skills, knowledge of employees motivation principles for effective job;

  • Ability and readiness to staff turnover, competitive selection, mobility;

  • Relations constructiveness;

  • Responsibility for results.

Company-oriented trained specialist:

  • Basic higher or  further specialized education;

  • Experience in specialization or practical training;

  • Knowledge of market economy fundamentals and technological innovations;

  • Ambitious corporate behavior;

  • Sustainability, ability to career advancement, innovations, willingness to staff turnover;

  • Labour-market competitiveness

Company-oriented skilled worker:

  • Basic primary or general secondary or special secondary  or higher vocational education;

  • Approved skill category;

  • Grasp of professional skills in certain production fields;

  • Labour-market competitiveness;

  • Aspiration for additional professional skills and ergonomics principles;

  • Responsibility for results and correct performance of job;

  • Corporativity
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