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Scientific activity

It is difficult to anticipate dynamic and onward development of Ural Mining Metallurgical Company without contribution of science. Every enterprise has its own R&D Department. Scientific approach at considering actual production issues allows to promptly modify process parameters, to design new products, to make comprehensive analysis of production activities and to foresee difficulties.

Close interconnection between “operation” science and R&D institutions favors effective implementation of scientific policy.

R&D institute “Uralmechanobr” contributes much to amalgamation of science and production. It is one of the biggest industrial institutes in the Urals and Siberia providing complex approach in designing mines and selecting efficient technologies for ore mining and processing and concentrate agglomeration. It also prepares design documentation of metallurgical conversion in non-ferrous metallurgy. Actually it develops the production chain “ore mining – ore processing-agglomeration – metallurgical treatment”.

R&D cable institute OJSC “NIKI” (Tomsk) is another research institution incorporated in UMMC. The institute was established in 1952 as a branch of National Research Institute of Cable Industry (Moscow) to develop cable production in Siberia. It constructed a pilot plant to prove new cable technologies.

At present OJSC “NIKI” is the only scientific center of cable industry in Siberia.

The institute was the first to develop and to implement technology of simultaneous two/ three-layer application of rubber sheath, to manufacture new generation of reliable, safety shielded mine cables and excavator cables with extruded shields.

OJSC “NIKI” is mastering in experimental and commercial full scaled production of a wide range of cables with plastic and rubber coating.

The cable products designed by OJSC “NIKI” are fabricated at 44 cable works of Russia and CIS countries.
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