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Social Policy

UMMC social policy is based upon the responsibilities to its employees, nation and society. Annual social liabilities amount to several billion rubles. As a result, tens of thousands people have high-paid jobs; budgets of various levels are regularly replenished with flows from fiscal charges; social city infrastructure is being improved; and the territories have an extra incentive to evolvement. Contribution to the social aspect at all points of interaction with society is a must for current and effective social investment strategy of the Group.

UMMC social policy means:

  • guaranteed well-deserved payroll for employees, labour veterans and retirees;
  • prompt and full settlement with budgets of various levels;
  • training and career promotion of employees; a full range of possibilities for the creative work;
  • creation and improvement of high-quality social services system and social infrastructure development jointly with city administrations;
  • participation in regional social programs, assistance for social and economical development of territories and raise of living standards; housing credits for employees;
  • cultural and sport public events;
  • healthcare;
  • environmental issues of towns and regions, where the companies of the Group are located;
  • corporate culture;
  • revitalization of spiritual and moral values, care for younger generation.


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