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Historically, domestic metallurgy was developed on the company-town principle. In fact, a city infrastructure was built around a town-forming plant. Social and economic situation of the whole territory depended on a success of the plant. In modern practice this interaction has turned into social investment. Nowadays UMMC plants, most of which are company-towns, invest strongly in the social development of the territories providing favorable social climate and necessary labour potential for business. From the point of effectiveness of social contribution, culture and sport are deemed to be the most promising spheres.

The Group follows a policy of supporting cultural institutions, where approximately 9,000 people and more than 200 creative groups are engaged in. Some of these creative groups have folk and master status.

The Groups management team makes great efforts to form corporate culture and traditions and actively maintains cultural life in the regions, where UMMC plants are located. Back-up of creativity and talents of people, cultivation of artistic taste, all-round personal development this task of UMMC is not less important than high performance and economic indicators.

The festival and competition of non-professional art UMMC Style has become conventional within all companies of UMMC. The festival is organized on five competitive categories: Choreographic Art, Pops Vocal, Circus Art, Dramatic Art (short forms and plays) and out-of-competition category Rock and VIA. All in all approximately thousand performers and more than 50 creative groups, which represent UMMCs enterprises, take part in the festival and competition in UMMC Style every year. Participants of creative groups from Palaces of Culture get used to attending and always winning prize places in regional, Russian and international competitions.

The contests The best in profession, Metallurgists family, games of the Club for the Cheerful and Quick-witted within plants turned into effective tool in forming corporate culture.

Women of the enterprises compete in the annual conventional contest Miss Plant where each beauty can show her charm and appear before colleagues in a new role.

As part of the project Days of UMMC culture amateur groups of Palaces of Culture arrange concert tours throughout Russia from Siberia to Caucasus. The Group organizes different festivals and exhibitions. Yearly the Group finances such important municipal events as the Town Birthday, which is celebrated together with the Metallurgists Day in a number of towns.
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