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Social and Economic Partnership

Realizing the importance of mutual propagating measures of the UMMC companies and solving the social and economic issues on the territories of their location, UMMC signs Social and Economic Partnership Agreements with authorities and municipal governments of the Russian constituent territories.

The key directions for cooperation between UMMC and municipal governments of the Russian constituent territories:

- in the field of economic policy:

  • development and upgrading of plants, growth in capacity and product differentiation;
  • investment projects aimed at business development;
  • power saving measures;
  • prompt tax and other payments to the budget of all levels;
  • creation of new jobs and keeping existing ones, employment of population, personnel training;
  • provision of occupational safety;
  • provision of environmental safety and protection;

- in the field of social policy and social guarantees:

  • due payment of salary, compensations and bonuses; increasing of wages;
  • financing the programs stipulated by labor contracts;
  • Charity fund programs ‘Children of Russia’; 
  •  assistance to the retired, veterans and the handicapped;
  • medical programs at the enterprises and assistance to the medical institutions;
  • housing program;
  • investments into construction and maintenance of social and cultural institutions
  • public, cultural, recreational and sports events;
  • construction of public utilities, streets development, road repair.

To bring burning issues of the industry to the authorities and have constructive dialog with government UMMC participates in various public organizations. In particular, UMMC is a member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce as one of the largest metallurgical companies. The Group is used to attending the Chamber through the especially dedicated Metallurgical Committee. The Chairman of the Committee is Andrey A. Kozitsyn, General Director of UMMC.

Actively participating in work of the Metallurgical Committee of Chamber of Commerce the UMMC believes that it is necessary and possible to create a weighted-up and consolidated position of the mining industry on the topical problems of Russian economic development.

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