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Medical Care

Today labour, social, economic and professional relations on the companies of the Group are regulated by the labor contracts. They provide social security guarantees both for the employees and the retired staff of the enterprises. The employment benefits for the UMMC human resources include the voluntary medical insurance.

UMMC takes part in the regional and local healthcare programs based upon the social partnership agreements:

  • sponsoring construction of medical centers;
  • procurement of medical equipment for such centers

Yearly the UMMC increases contribution into the healthcare and disease prevention for its employees and their families as follows:

  • preventive immunization;
  • health assessment for those who are exposed to health risky conditions;
  • regular health checks;
  • financial help in case of expensive treatment and to the retired;
  • maintenance of preventive healthcare centers and recreation centers;
  • maintenance of childrens health improvement camps.

Within the Group there is a system of voluntary medical insurance. The agreements acting between the companies of the Group and Insurance company UMMC-Medicine on life and health insurance of employees allow them in addition to the insurance premium in case of accident to get treatment in the health centers.

The companies of the Group adopt medical programs to reduce occupational diseases and improve medical care for the workers. In 2009 a European Medical Center UMMC-Health, a diversified medical center that combines virtually all features of up-to-date medical care of high quality was opened in 2009.

Today European Medical Center UMMC-Health is well known as the center of modern medical science having everything required for precise diagnostics and top-quality treatment. The center renders services for both UMMC employers and in the open market providing its client with medical care of high quality in the Ural capital. During the first year the center was attended by approximately 15 thousand people, over 1,000 people got hospital treatment and 800 operations were conducted.

This year UMMC-Health continues implementation of the program of profound medical examination of the UMMC employees. The examination is financed by the Group through the system of voluntary medical insurance.

In January 2011 the first Russian medical training center of endoscopic surgery (minimal-invasive surgery) was opened on the basis of European Medical Center UMMC-Health to let leading local and foreign specialists train Ural surgeons in new surgery techniques.

Healthcare for the employees children is of high importance for the management team. New generation healthcare is provided by taking kids to the summer recreation camps being under patronage of the companies, the camps directly adjacent to the sanatoriums, and all-year-round health camps on the Black sea coast in the Caucasus and in the midland of Russia.

At the end of 2010 European Medical Center UMMC-Health incorporated a children polyclinic division. Patients from newborns to 18 year-children can undergo thorough examination with use of state-ofthe-art diagnostic equipment. Every day 15-17 physicians provide comprehensive care in the new medical center.

Besides consulting and diagnostic service the polyclinics arranges follow-up care of children in a physical therapy division utilizing unique apparatus. For example, it has a speleochamber, the first in Ekaterinburg, or live air room; the similar one is only in Perm. Its main feature is treatment with artificial cave microclimate receiving favor of humidity, pressure and mineral composition of the air that is created by natural salts from the caves of the Perm region. Such physical therapy procedure is strongly recommended to the children suffering from various respiratory and allergic diseases. Ten visits of 30 min. long each to such chamber give the same effect as a visit to a sea resort.

In 2011 the Center started implementation of a social program Healthy Child supported by the Group and a Charity Fund Children of Russia. Under the program Healthy Child on application of parents the Group staff and legal representatives of orphans and children deprived of parental care, from low-income families and being observed by a specialized clinics the Center provides examination by 7 physicians (pediatrician, neurologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, traumatologist-orthopedist) including ultrasonic examination of internal organs, ECG and laboratory tests.

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