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UMMC devotes special attention to the matters of labour veterans and assists them to obtain the benefits they are eligible. The Group acquires vouchers for the retired staff to a number of health resorts, contributes into medicines and surgery, helps in housing repair, etc. Moreover the Group usually sponsors holydays and special events, namely a Day for the Elderly, Christmas Day, Victory Day and the Day for the Disabled People.

In honour of the 65th anniversary of the Second World War Victory about 8 570 anniversary medals were handed out to the war veterans –ex-employees of UMMC enterprises. Directors of UMMC enterprises, heads of regions and city mayors took a part into the award ceremony.

Many UMMC enterprises have arranged recreation of veterans in local sanatoriums-preventoriums. Uralelectromed veterans took health-improving session in the recreational centre “Selen”. Recreational and health-improving program included everything that could healthily influence on elderly persons, namely dietary nutrition, fresh air and exercise, oxygen cocktails, herbal tea and sparing therapy on strict medical indications.

Recreational centre “Svyatogor” has opened doors for those veterans who could passed through wellness procedure on their own.

The most distressed veterans were given support in their housing repair according to applications to UMMC Organization of Veterans. In addition to repair, some UMMC enterprises furnish financial assistance in medical service (medical treatment and purchase of expensive medicines).
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