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UMMC goes ahead elicited by the spirituality-oriented strategy. The Group has been significantly assisting to restore the national sanctuaries.

We are proud of bringing a new life to the spiritual and sacred places. Among the revivals there is a Resurrection skete of the Valaam Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration that was being restored in the Republic of Karelia. Moreover the Group helped in the construction of Saint Vladimir skete – a magnificent temple, which roof was decorated with Ural copper.

The Verkhotursky Saint Nicolas Monastery in the north of Sverdlovsk region survived and was also being restored due to the support of the Group. The Monastery was put on a list of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. For the first time ever a dignified Krestovozdvizhensky Cathedral of the Monastery was gushed with warmth owing to the newly installed heating system and turned to be open for parishioners for the whole year round.

In the long run people of Ekaterinburg will soon be able to express religious awe and reverence looking at the highest cathedral of the city, which was vandalized in 1930, and is being now restored in a state and place of its origin. The church-bell tower Bolshoy Zlatoust belonged to the architectural ensemble of cathedral is under the erection in the center of Ekaterinburg thanks to the efforts of UMMC.

At the present the Temple in the name of the Saint Archistrategos Michael of town residence of Hierarchs in Revda (Sverdlovsk region), the temple of St. John of Kronstadt in Gai (Orenburg region) and the Temple in the name of Russian New Martyrs and Confessors in Tomsk are being erected.

In town of Serov a new cathedral Mosque that seems to be the largest one in the northern part of Sverdlovsk region is being built with the help of the Group.

On top of everything else the Group is a devoted public figure in the reviving spiritual heritage. The representatives of UMMC attend the guardian council of the St. Andrew’s Fund – one of the most recognized and powerful public organizations of Russia. The goal of the organization is to encourage historical, cultural and spiritual successions between the generations. Due to the active financial support of the Group the Fund was a success in executing a variety of the programs. Thus, as a part of the program “Revival of the Saints Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy” the whole series of publications was released, and then traveling photo shows were organized in many cities of Russia. The program “Alexander Nevski” is dedicated to the spiritual and patriotic upbringing of the younger generation. Dwelling on this very program they made a decision to build a Theodore Monastery in the town of Gorodets on the Volga River.

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