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Copper Mosque

On July 19, 2002 on the eve of the Metallurgist’s Day the solemn ceremony of a new mosque opening was held in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. The so called Copper Mosque had being constructed under the sponsorship of OAO “Uralelectromed” and Ural Mining Metallurgical Company.

There was a time, when just a small wooden mosque stood here. It was built under patronage of OAO “Uralelectromed”. Then, the Tatar-Bashkir National Association applied personally to Andrey Kozitsyn, who was General Director of OAO “Uralelectromed” at that time, to support an idea of constructing a new stone mosque. The response was immediate: on July 14, 2001 the first stone was laid into foundation of the mosque.

The Superior Mufti of Russia Sheikh Talgat Tadzhkhuddin, the Governor Eduard Rossel, the Chairman of the Ural Mufti Counsel Sibgatulla-Khazrat and muftis of the areas of the Ural Region attended the solemn opening of the complex. Iskandar Makhmudov emphasized the importance for UMMC to help in building spiritual centers as the Group was targeted by the prosperity of areas of UMMC’s activity. He also pointed out that the construction of the Orthodox Church in 1999 in Verkhnyaya Pyshma balanced by the Mosque opening in 2002 symbolized unity of people of different nationalities and religions.

“The mosque site was deliberately selected on the cross-roads to let both Moslems of the local community and other pilgrimages enter the Mosque. We are very glad to keep our promise and present such a gift to the citizens for the Town Birthday and the Metallurgist’s Day exactly in a year”, - Iskandar Makhmudov said.
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